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General Practice

Bartholf Law Offices, LLC practices in many areas, including cases involving:

  • Guardianships and Protective Placement

    • Determining whether guardianship of the person and estate or protective placement is necessary can be stressful and lawyers at Bartholf Law Offices, LLC can assist you in making a decision whether to allow a legally recognized person, the guardian, to exercise rights, to make decisions and to advocate for the ward.​

  • Restraining Orders

    • If you are seeking protection or have been served with a restraining order, Bartholf Law Offices, LLC can assist and represent you in all proceedings involving restraining orders.​

  • Criminal Defense

    • Bartholf Law Offices, LLC provides representation of defendants in a variety of areas of criminal defense. Bartholf Law Offices, LLC will evaluate your case, including reviewing all evidence and will advise and vigorously defend you throughout all criminal proceedings.​

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General Practice: Service
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