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Business Law

Bartholf Law Offices, LLC routinely advises businesses, from sole proprietors to corporations in all aspects of business including:

  • Business Formation

    • Whether you are looking to operate your business as a sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation, Bartholf Law Offices, LLC can assist you in selecting and creating the organization that is right for your business.​

  • Collections and Financing

    • Whether someone owes you money or you owe someone money, our lawyers practice in all matters of collections, ranging from foreclosure, replevin (repossession), litigation, garnishment, and settlement negotiation.​

  • Contracts

    • Bartholf Law Offices, LLC is experienced in negotiating and drafting contracts, business needs, including drafting non-compete agreements and buy-sell agreements.​

  • Litigation

    • When problems happen with your business, you want a lawyer who understands your business. Bartholf Law Offices, LLC will represent your interests through all facets of a lawsuit.​

  • Purchase and Sale of Business

    • Bartholf Law Offices, LLC can guide you through the steps necessary in the sale or purchase of a business, including negotiating and drafting of non-compete agreements and other agreements to protect your business interests.​

  • Real Estate

    • Bartholf Law Offices, LLC can advise on all aspects of real estate, including offer to purchase, sale, financing and disputes that may arise out of the use of land, including boundary disputes, condominium formation, construction, development, landlord/tenant law and zoning.​

Business Law: Service
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